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Pietro Toppi, light designer, is the founder of Scenoluminoso by Artled, a company specialized in the creation of light installations in the scenographic field and capable of combining technical excellence with artistic imagination.


the first steps

When he took his first steps as an electrician in the lighting department, Pietro could barely tell the difference between a socket and a plug and knew very little about the world of entertainment. Passionate and curious, he engaged in TV scenic effects, at that time dominated by conventional ledwalls, whose potential he also wanted to explore. He joined Showlife in 2016 and began a new way of interpreting set design through the use of handcrafted dynamic LEDs. In 2017, the first ever, he discovered the potential of the Madrix mediaserver to control, one pixel at a time, the lighting effects generated on stage. 



and creativity

Pietro Toppi's goal has always been to find innovative solutions to translate the vision of set designers and artistic directors into three-dimensional lighting effects. Today he is considered one of the leading experts in Madrix applications and its possible integrations in the Scenoluminoso field. He was awarded by Madrix itself, within the 2019 Prolight-Sound, as one of its best installers in the world. He holds the originality patent for the dynamic light bulb, which made its debut on stage at the 2018 Sanremo Festival. His prime-time television collaborations include popular programs such as Amici, Tu si que vales, La Corrida, Ballando con le Stelle, Mannoia, X-Factor, and The Voice. 


details are everything

According to Pietro in creating light installations, attention to detail is key, especially in live events where every finish has to be perfect. He proved this in 2019 during Milan Fashion Week, for corporate events from Coca-Cola to Armani, but also at the SEAT Music Awards at the Arena di Verona in 2020. In fact, while it is true that more than one technician can create a good system, there is only one person who can take care of every millimetric finish, and he is the one.

a story of trust

Pietro says that the secret of his trade lies in his ability to always find new solutions to enhance the creative vision of those he works with and in his ability to imagine beyond, but above all in the deep trust he places in the team he has built: a trust that is transferred from those who taught him the craft to those who commission him today, aiming for the perfect combination of technical craftsmanship and bright creativity.

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